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                  The 2 Day Course Includes..









Rim Cylinders (yale type locks) - disassemble / re-build & re-pinning

Opening Rim cylinders - hand picking, slipping (inward and outward opening doors), electric picking, bypassing, drilling

Opening Euro-cylinders - hand picking, electric picking, snapping, how to deal with thumb turn and key in the other side of the door scenarios,  opening the door by totaly bypassing the lock, drilling

The correct use of picks and electric pick guns

Opening and bypassing screw in type rim cylinders (adams rite)

Digital (push button) locks

Shutter Locks - picking, electric picking

Bullet locks  - picking, electric picking, bypassing

Rim locks - picking / bypassing

Padlocks - picking,, shimming 

Tubular Locks (as found on vending machines, steering locks etc) 

Wafer Locks, ie .. garage door locks, filing cabinet locks, cash boxes etc

Introduction to mortice locks - 3 , 5 lever and 5 lever British Standard.

Mortice locks - disassemble & build

Opening 2 lever mortice locks

Opening 3 lever mortice locks

Opening 5 lever mortice locks

Opening 5 lever British Standard locks

Business advice - contact numbers, subcontracting, advertising, target customers etc

      The 3 Day Course includes..

All the above plus .. a basic "lock fitting" of the most popular domestic locks .. including "how to setup and use" the DBB morticer


you will recieve the knowledge and 24/7 help to help you on your way to set up a successful mobile locksmith service.

we will provide you with a folder with everything you will need to get up and running straight away,

inc .. sub contracting contacts, how to target and maximise customers, tips on advertising, what and what not to buy in the way of additional tools, contacts for locksmith tool suppliers and locks at trade etc, a certificate which you will need to be able to purchase locksmiths tools and stock from legit suppliers etc .. literally everything you need to know .. and more

You will be shown and undertake you how to pick, bypass and open most domestic and commecial locks in use today












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