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Will i be able to start as a mobile locksmith at the end of the course ?

Yes of course ... by the end of the course you will have the knowledge and ability to open and fit the types of locks in most common use today, which is also backed up by a 24/7 helpline


What experience do i need ?

None ... our course is set out for the complete novice and is totaly hands on,


Could you provide one to one training ?

yes .. we only do one to one training,


What Is "One To One" Training ?

one to one training  means just you and an instructor, so you get 100% attention at all times, (other courses charge an extra amount for this service)

instead of the usual 6+ students all waiting for a turn to ask questions or for someone to show them where there going wrong, sometimes you may feel you need to ask what you may think is a silly question and don't want to embarrass  yourself in front of others, but that silly question could save you a lot of time and trouble in the future and in time you will wish you had asked ..

but with one to one training there are no others to feel embarrassed in front of, so you can ask as many questions etc as you wish, which makes our course unique


What tools do i need when i start trading ?

we also supply you with a list of tools that you may wish to purchase in time (but most are not necessary) ...  when you start trading you will need basic carpentry tools, ie ..chisels, hammer etc and a cordless electric drill and a basic small selection of locks

I work through the day, what other times can you arrange ?

We will teach you everything you need to know ...

some courses teach over 5 days and charge a £1000+, this extra cost and longer course does not by any means mean you will learn any more, they just drag the course out and bore you rigid with written work on "the history of locks" etc, we will teach you as much if not more and save you £££'s .. "you will be picking locks for yourself within 30 minutes"


What are the days the course is set over ?

You let us know what days / dates you prefer, and leave the rest to us. (including weekends)

Accreditation's NVQ and city and guilds ?

There are a few training courses advertising that you will walk away with NVQ or city and guilds certification from there course,  this is complete lies,  

The one you need to steer clear of, is the one that states "accreditation level 4"  this is a lie and a scam as there is NO accreditation level 1,2,3 or 4,  They will also recommend you  buying the tool kit that they sell, which costs £1500,  a basic tool set to be a locksmith in the real world to get you up and running is around £400.

ie .. there are NO governing bodies in locksmithing and no recognised credentials,  but what you do need to buy the tools and gadgets at trade prices including stock (locks etc) .. is a certificate from the training provider to prove you have undertook a course properly,  and are not just any joe bloggs trying to get his hands on the equipment

Can locksmithing help me emigrate ?

Yes ... "locksmith"  is on all emigration documentation,

How do i find work after the course ?

We will supply you with contact numbers who specialise in sub contract work and give you advice on advertising your business to maximize your customer base.

Also advise on advertising your business, which all other courses seem to not bother about, but this is a major factor in any venture.

There are hundreds of advertising companies out there waiting to pounce and help you part with your money, but without advise you can soon find yourself in a position of taking on most of these adverts and your phones not ringing with the amount of calls they promised you, ie .......

lets take yellow pages for instance,

this is everyone's first step into advertising simply as they are the first ones that spring to mind,  that maybe so for most trades but NOT from a locksmiths point of view,  if you are locked out of your home where is the yellow pages ? .... its in the house,

so there's the first waste of £400,  everyone is entitled to a "FREE" advert in the yellow pages (book and online) but it is craftily hidden so you think you need to pay to be in there .....


What if i get stuck or forget something on a job ?

No problem ... we are only a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


How much does the course cost ?

The course including.. domestic and commercial lock opening and bypassing skills AND manual with everything you need to know, including a disc with numerous video clips of all the locks and tools in action, AND a certificate that you will need to buy locksmith tools etc is .. £499

The 3 day course includes the carpentry side of things, ie .. lock fitting from scratch into wooden doors @ £599

The questions i have are not in the list ?

You can either phone or email us and we will happily answer any questions you may have

Tel - 0757 250 9629

Email - learn2locksmith@gmail.com


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