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Tel - 0757 250 9629

locked out ?.. need locks changed ? .. need a lock/locks fitted ? .. we also fit household alarms ..

we pride ourselves on our 95% non destructive entry record, which means we will only destroy a lock if absolutely neccesary ..
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ultra fast response .. (usualy within 20 minutes) ..
we do not charge extra for bank holidays, sundays or evening calls etc ..

TIP .. Dont trust any "so called" locksmith you see advertised, we wont turn up with just a drill and destroy a lock,

when ringing for a locksmiths services always ask "can you pick locks" ? ..99% of the time they cant, they just buy a drill and call themselves locksmiths and destroy locks that can be saved and charge you ridiculous amounts for new locks etc that you probably didnt need, 

so get it right the first time, we are by far the cheapest, and WONT be beaten on price, dont take our word for it, feel free to ring round for a few quotes, i can promise you ,  we are around 50%-75% cheaper than everyone else ....

                          Home Security Tips

1. Consider changing all outside door locks when you move home.

2. Front door - should have a BS 3621 mortice lock fitted.                                                 

3. Side and back doors - ideally fit a 5 lever BS 3621 mortice lock together with top and bottom key operated bolts.

4. French windows/patio doors - fit appropriate locks to top and bottom of doors.

5. Fit window locks to ground floor and upstairs windows.

6. Fit passive infra red lighting to front and rear of house.

7. DON'T leave door keys in visible or obvious places such as under the doormat.

8. DO lock all your doors and windows when you go out.

9. DON'T leave ladders lying around

10. Keep your shed/outbuilding locked. Burglars will use YOUR tools to gain access to YOUR house.

11. If you are going out for the evening close your curtains and leave a light on in the lounge & bedroom.

12. If you have an intruder alarm, always make sure you activate it before you go out - many insurance companies will refuse to pay out if you are burgled  and you did not activate an alarm.

13. Don't leave curtains & blinds drawn during the day - they will attract burglars.

14. If you are going on holiday - cancel your milk and paper deliveries.

15. Ask a neighbour to remove any post or newspapers left showing in your letterbox.

16. Cut your lawn before you go on holiday.

17. Consider having your glass upgraded to laminated, as it is extremely difficult to break and gain entry.  

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