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    Welcome to the midlands locksmith training website ..

We are based in nuneaton warwickshire and provide a 2 and 3 day intensive "hands on" locksmith courses for the complete novice in a friendly atmosphere

                     "Unlock Your Potential" 

If you are looking for a career change that you can pick your hours to suit, as well as your prices then your in the right place.

had enough of your current job ? .. sick and tired of clock watching ? .. only you can alter it !

you could be a self employed skilled tradesman in only 3 days,.. yes, 3 days and your up and running, its that easy, the 2 day course costs 499 which you could recoup after only a few jobs .......

or a 3 day course that includes the carpentry, ie lock fitting from scratch into wooden doors, at only 599,

we aim to be the best value for money out of any of the locksmith training course's out there,

we dont charge extra for the knowledge you need to know to become a locksmith, ie .. most companies charge an initial fee to learn the basics, and then another fee to learn this or that, then another fee to learn something else, this needs to be looked at closely before you part with your cash.

we will teach you all you need to know to become a locksmith and deal with the scenario's you will see on a daily basis.

we are not like the rest .. we like you to keep in touch and ask for any further assistance you may need after you have left us ..

we only teach one to one and not the usual 8+ students all having to wait for there turn from one tutor, ie.. if your paying good money to be taught something that will allow you to work for yourself then you need 100% attention at all times, it would be crazy to think otherwise.

so get it right first time, please feel free to call anytime for any information that you need answers to .. its that simple


















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